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CBD isn't only for us, but it's also effective for our furry best friends. Take care of your precious pets with Joy Pets' CBD-based products - a natural pet alternative for your cats and dogs.

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All about Joy Pets

Another growing name in the CBD industry is Joy Pets. They have a collection of pet-friendly products.

Most of the CBD products they offer are non-GMO and have no traces of THC. The products they offer are all quality tested and have gone through third-party tests to ensure their efficiency.

JoyPets CBD Products

Here's a collection of CBD products that you may need for your furry buddy.

JoyPets CBD Oil

Their CBD oil is a non-psychoactive product that's entirely formulated and manufactured in US labs. Its contents come from natural non-GMO hemp plants.

Their CBD oil is a whole plant CBD product created especially for your pets and is perfectly safe to use. You can use them together with other supplements, medications, or with any special diet for your pet.

Aside from being non-GMO, cannabinoid nutrition is free of animal products, is vegan, and has no preservatives.

Joy Pets Crunchy Cat Treats

The Crunchy Cat Treats provide your precious casts with natural CBD hemp extracts in their favorite treats. These tasty CBD-infused treats allow your feline buddies to experience the positive benefits of CBD oil.

It helps anxious and nervous cats by keeping them relaxed, and that’s without any traces of THC in the mix. 

Joy Pets Softies Dog Treats

Softies Dog Treats from Joy Pets is a delicious CBD-infused treat that lets your dogs experience the benefits of CBD. Just like Crunchy Cat Treats, these are perfect for nervous and anxious dogs, and it also doesn’t contain any THC. 

Cats and dogs suffer from anxiety, dress, and pains from various issues or old age. They whimper, weep, or stay away and deal with the pain on their own. But with Joy Pets’ CBD products, they can relax and feel calm while enjoying delicious treats to feast on.

Plus, these CBD pet treats also come with a handful of extra benefits to decrease any discomfort they’re feeling.

Why You Should Choose Joy Pets

There may be other pet CBD products for your precious furry friends. However, there are a bunch of reasons why Joy Pets is your best option.

100% THC Free

Since Joy Pets’ products are THC free, you won’t have to worry about the side effects that your pets might experience.

Since these products don’t contain THC, your pets won’t get high. They will only experience the best effects of CBD.

Comes with Tons of Benefits

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using CBD for cats and dogs.

The hemp-derived CBD products from Joy Pets can help your pets with a range of health issues. These include immune issues like allergies and cancer. The products can also relieve them from seizures, epilepsy, joint pains, inflammation, and chronic pains.

Moreover, Joy Pets’ CBD products help reduce digestive issues, dysbiosis, and a lot more.

Non-GMO Vegan Products

Each formula in their products is gluten-free, vegan, and free from GMOs. All of them are also free of animal products.

Joy Pets’ CBD pet items are made without any additives or preservatives and are derivatives of organic hemp.

Hemp is ideal for creating CBD products since it contains low concentrations of THC. It’s the psychoactive ingredient that’s present in cannabis.

CBD does not have any traces of THC; hence, it does not cause a high on those who use it.

CBD is an essential option for pet owners like you. It’s ideal if you want to avoid any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides in pet products.

3rd-Party Lab-Tested

Pet products from Joy Pets are third-party lab-tested. It’s a necessary process to guarantee that the CBD extracts in their pet products are free from harmful toxins.

Palatable Treats

Joy Pets know that their customers are our furry little friends. The flavors of each treat are made with the finest ingredients to suit their tastes while giving them CBD benefits.