Hemply Pharm

Hemply Pharm is among the top and trusted brands that sell CBD-based products. The flowers they utilize for their CBD products are sourced directly from Oregon and Colorado.

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The products they offer are derived from high-quality and top-notch hemp material. Plus, they’ve thoroughly gone through third-party lab tests to ensure the absence of pesticides and heavy metals.

Hemply Pharm Products

CBG Hemp Flower

This unnamed yet special CBG flower from Hemply Pharm has a distinct nutty scent combined with hazy, earthy undertones. It’s all thanks to the increased levels of the terpene guaiol. It has a piney scent mixed with the sweet & floral bisabolol, plus the peppery aroma of caryophyllene.

White and diamond-shaped buds produce more than 15% of CBG, and the effects have been compared to green tea's effects.

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

Hempy Pharm's Hawaiian Haze CBD flower is dense, aromatic, and highly effective. It's one of the most efficient mood-leveling strains with a CBD content of 16.78%.

Bubba Kush Hemp Flower

The Bubba Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid hemp flower. When it comes to its genetics, the flavor of the Kush family is always excellent. Expect flavors that are woodsy, earthy, and with hints of citrus, which make it a unique mix.

The Bubba Kush hemp flower from Hemply Pharm is a dense strain. It's also high in terpenes, making it ideal for your needed relaxation and relief.

Lifter Hemp Flower

For sure, Lifter will not leave you sleepy or feeling tired and drowsy the next day.

This specific strain is has high CBD content and offers an ideal terpene profile. It has an adequate content of terpene to provide you with enough levels of relaxation.

Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower

This CBD-rich hemp flower from Hemply Pharm is bred to maintain its Sour Diesel aspects. It comes with added benefits of CBD, making it the perfectly balanced hybrid. It isn't too Sativa or Indica-dominant.

Sour Space Candy has a distinct terpene profile that has 0.36% betamycene. The mix of CBD and myrcene is known for relaxing and is ideal for slowing down racing thoughts.

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Hemply Pharm CBD Special Sauce Hemp Flower

The Special Sauce hemp flower is a mix between the Original Special Sauce and ERB. Its buds are highly rich in resin, and its aroma is strong, with hints of cut grass, pine, and lemon.

This hemp flower from Hemply Pharm is known for fast-acting benefits to relieve you from anxiety. Plus, it aids in calming your mind and body.

With 17.5% of CBD in its content, the Special Sauce is a popular option.

How to Use Hemply Pharm Hemp Flowers

There are different ways to utilize Hemply Pharm's CBD flowers. You can either grind then mix them with butter or oil since CBD is known to be soluble in fat.

Adding oil to your mix completely activates the cannabinoids, allowing you to receive all of its benefits. You can also utilize their CBD flowers in various dishes like stew, soup, and even pastries.

Another popular and effective way to utilize hemp flowers is by smoking and vaping. Experts claim that when smoking CBD, these easily get absorbed into your blood before reaching other parts of your body. Shop other quality brand products here.