A Gift From Nature

A Gift From Nature is one of the trusted brands in the CBD industry. They offer a plethora of 100% quality-made CBD products that range from CBD gummies, gel capsules, cartridges, oils, and more.

All About A Gift From Nature

The company's located in Orlando, Florida. They've been concocting some of the best and highest-quality CBD products for the last three years.

They're registered with the FDA and are guaranteed to comply with excellent manufacturing processes. With that, you know A Gift From Nature is a brand that can be trusted with the products they advertise. To put it simply, what they claim is what you'll get.

A Gift From Nature also goes to great lengths to acquire top-notch and quality natural ingredients for their formulation.

All the hemp extracts they utilize are sourced from extractors that use American-grown hemp. Third-party laboratories thoroughly test each batch of these extracts for pesticides, terpenes, potency, and bacteria. Plus, they also test for any signs of residual solvents.

The company always aims to provide you with the best and cleanest CBD products. With that, they solely and greatly rely on CO2 extraction due to its non-toxic aspects.

A Gift From Nature - CBD Products They Offer

A Gift From Nature has a plethora of CBD products that you can choose from. All of these are infused with natural ingredients and the right amount of CBD to guarantee an excellent product.

CBD Vapeables

Vaping CBD oil is among the popular ways of utilizing cannabidiol. The reason for this is due to its efficiency and how potent it is. When it comes to A Gift From Nature’s vapeables, they come in different forms like cartridges, vape liquid, and more.

CBD disposable pens are also available, and they’re made for people who have the on-the-go lifestyle. These are pre-filled with various flavors, are completely charged, and ready for use out of the pack.

There’s no mess, no complications, no fuss. Simply use the CBD product and experience your needed relief.

When it comes to the CBD cartridge, they’re filled with 100% real hemp oil from agricultural hemp plants.


CBD oil isn’t hemp seed oil, and traditionally, it’s been utilized for oral tinctures. These usually come with MCT oil which is derived from coconuts and isn’t suited for inhaling.

It’s produced by extracting CBD, then diluting it with either coconut or hemp seed oil.

Using CBD oil is ideal with your favorite drinks. Or you can place it under your tongue if you don’t want it mixed with your beverages.

CBD Edibles

A Gift From Nature’s CBD edibles come in the form of capsules and gummies. The latter is infused with CBD and not sprayed on with alcohol. Doing this is a common thing among other inferior CBD products out today.

For the CBD capsules, these consist of hemp CBD oil with MCT coconut oil and plant-derived cellulose and starch. All of these are wrapped in a vegetarian-formulated capsule.

CBD Topicals

These are any types of lotion, cream, or salve infused with CBD. These can be directly applied to your skin.

The CBD skincare salve is an excellent addition to your skincare routine. It’s a product that helps restore radiance and suppleness beneath the under-eye area.

Additionally, the company offers the Tattoo Bioderm solution spray that’s formulated for moisturizing tattoos. It helps the entire healing process with less scrubbing; plus, it helps preserve the quality of your ink work.

Also, A Gift From Nature offers flowers, various extracts based on CBD, and more. Shop other quality brands here.