After passing the 2018 Farm Bill, the sales of CBD products spread and exploded in 2019. Yet due to the large number of brands appearing, the abundance of choices became overwhelming.


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With that, finding the best brand of CBD isn't an easy task. And since the hemp industry is still relatively new, some companies can cut corners and sell low-quality CBD products.

Also, these may contain inefficient and low-grade hemp extracts and harmful ingredients.

Here, we provide you with CBD products from brands that have their items go through third-party tests. These are then tested for potency, bacteria, pesticides, and even residual solvents.

These brands only offer CBD-based products of the highest quality. The products are also free from THC, which causes the infamous high.

To achieve top-notch products, these companies only rely on methods like CO2 extraction due to its non-toxic aspects.

With that, we've sorted out the list of top CBD brands for you.

A Gift From Nature

A Gift From Nature is a CBD brand that creates the highest quality CBD products possible. It maintains extreme quality control by thoroughly managing their manufacturing process.

They go to great depths to source out the best natural ingredients for their formulation. All of the brand's hemp extracts are sourced from extractors via American-grown hemp.

Hemply Pharm

The products offered by Hemply Pharm are derived from high-quality hemp flowers. These are filled with nothing but natural ingredients and have gone through third-party lab tests for quality.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD offers a vast range of CBD products. For vaping needs, they offer their vape liquid, pens and tanks.

Aside from these, the brand offers edibles like banana chips, gummies, honey sticks, and other types of dried fruit. All of these come in different flavors for everyone to enjoy.

Regall CBD

Regall CBD is a brand that provides various CBD vaping products. These are all quality-made using carefully selected materials and ingredients.

Regal CBD is a brand that’s dedicated to establishing new paths towards health and wellness. So even if you’ve just started vaping, their vapes are effective for acquiring your CBD needs.

Joy Pets

Like us, our furry buddies could be suffering from anxiety, stress, and various types of pains due to old age. The goal of Joy Pets is to offer comfort as well as naturally safe alternatives for pets.

The brand’s CBD pet products are safe to use and have no interactions with other supplements, medications, or special diets. Their cannabidiol or CBD nutrition is vegan, non-GMO, and free of preservatives & animal products.

Joy Pets have CBD-infused pet treats for cats and dogs, plus they come in different tasty flavors. Moreover, they offer CBD oil for your precious pets.

Crystall CBD

Crystall CBD offers CBD isolates in various flavors. This simple addition to the CBD mix will allow you to enjoy your CBD intake.

The brand's products are excellent options for people wanting to try CBD yet avoid ingesting any THC.


To live an active and healthy lifestyle, one of the best CBD brands to purchase CBD products from is ActivFit. They’re a brand to purchase from when you're looking for quality CBD products for your workout and wellness needs.

ActivFit offers recovery shots, wellness gel capsules, tinctures, massage gel, and more. What makes them stand out from other CBD brands is that their products are formulated with every athlete in mind.

With that, their CBD products are excellent for pre or post-workout sessions.