Aside from CBD products, another cannabinoid is slowly appearing in different types of health and wellness products. CBG is another compound that has just as many benefits as CBD does.

Here, we offer the CBG wax that provides a ton of essential benefits for your health and wellness.

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What is CBG?

Cannabigerol or CBG is a cannabinoid compound naturally produced in hemp plants as cannabigerolic acids. It’s a lesser-known cannabinoid that’s present in hemp strains in low levels.

Also, it’s considered a minor cannabinoid. Typically, it’s converted into CBD or THC during the budding stage of the plant’s growth.

When hemp is extracted 6 to 8 weeks into its flowering cycle, it produces increased levels of CBG before turning into CBD or THC. Read about CBD vs CBG here.

Benefits of CBG

The benefits of CBG usually overlap the lengthy list of CBD benefits. However, it’s shown to work effectively and efficiently on certain dysfunctions and disorders.

It works to fight pain, nausea, inflammation, and works to decrease the progress of cancer cells. Aside from these, CBG also relieves pain, slows down the growth of bacteria, and has anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, it aids in sleep, raises your mood, and is an appetite stimulant.

Just like CBD, CBG is safe to take since it doesn't get you high.

Based on research, CBG can significantly reduce intraocular eye pressure due to glaucoma. As for strains high in CBG, they're beneficial for treating conditions like Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and cancer.


CBG Wax for Greatness

CBG wax is created from organically, naturally grown, and pesticide-free hemp plants from the USA. They’re specifically formulated for dabbing which means combusting at high heat.

Increased levels of CBG, combined with CBD and terpenes, provides you with excellent CBG wax with beneficial properties.

The CBG wax consists of organically-grown hemp extracts that are solidified from pure quality broad-spectrum CBG wax.

As mentioned, it can be utilized for dabbing since wax can be dabbed by itself via rig or nectar straw. Also, the CBG wax can be mixed into your favorite smoking blend to conveniently and easily get CBG.

If you aren’t into smoking or vaping, you can take the CBG wax orally. To do so, place a small amount of the wax under your tongue. The size of the wax should be as small as a grain of rice.

Hold it down for 30 seconds before swallowing it completely.

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CBG and Side Effects

CBG does not have any negative side effects when taken in "therapeutic doses".

Like anything else, CBG taken in excess doses will give negative side effects. Thankfully, it only becomes an issue when you consume 300mg per kilogram of your body weight.

For a 180-pound individual, they'd need to take 54,000mg of CBG for it to become dangerous in any way.

A Few Notes before Purchasing

If you're planning to try out CBG wax or any other CBG product, always purchase these from well-known and trusted companies.

Make sure that they're legit names that offer only high-quality, pure, and safe products without any unnecessary ingredients.

Of course, they need to show proof that their products have gone through third-party lab tests. It's to guarantee that they're selling quality products that are 100% safe and non-psychoactive.