Both CBD and hemp products come in different extract forms. The most common and popular type is oil, and it's often found in little tincture bottles. Another popularly common variant of these products is the CBD wax.


A Gift From Nature

CBD Wax – A Gift from Nature

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Our CBD wax can be used via rig or concentrate pen. You can even sprinkle it on your favorite smoking mix to get the full benefits of cannabinoid. This will get it working efficiently and harmoniously at the same time.

What Is CBD Wax?

If you're new to the world of CBD, our CBD wax is a kind of concentrate with tons of benefits. It's been growing in popularity due to its increased potency.

Because of its concentration, CBD wax lets you acquire higher CBD levels while taking small volumes of it.

To put it simply, you only need small amounts of CBD to get the positive results you're looking for.

CBD wax can take on various forms based on their moisture, texture, and heat levels before it's purged. When we say purged, it means the process where residual solvent and other impurities are extracted from the final product.

How Is CBD Wax Made?

To acquire the purest form of CBD, the method of CO2 extraction is utilized.

CO2 is a type of tunable solvent which makes it versatile for making different end products. It's done by controlling and managing pressure and temperature.

These altering phases create an environment to drop varying weights of the components present in the plant material.

How to Use Our CBD Wax

There are two ways to take advantage of our CBD wax. One is for topical application, while the other is for vaping.

Some CBD wax products aren't designed as rub-on ointments. It only means that these are made specifically for vaping.

If you're searching for a topical CBD wax, make sure that its label lists a certain process. It may include nanotechnology, encapsulation, and micellization. The presence of these ensures that the product can get easily absorbed through your skin's upper dermal layer.

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How to Vape It

Using our CBD wax for vaping is easy, so you won't have to worry about memorizing anything to do it. The term you'll often hear with all things related to hemp and CBD is dabbing.

It's the process of heating wax by setting a BB pellet-sized amount on your vaping pen's heated coil tip. The CBD wax turns into vapor, letting you inhale the substance through your mouth.

Whether you utilize CBD dab oil or wax for vaping, this process is highly bioavailable compared to ingestion.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Wax?

The biggest benefit and advantage of CBD wax is its high potency. When the wax is produced correctly, it has little to no residual solvents, plus high concentrations of CBD.

Many people are after our CBD wax due to its high CBD concentrates, which means more benefits. These include anti-inflammation, as well as decreasing depression & anxiety, pain relief, and more.

Remember that CBD wax is CBD’s concentrated form and doesn’t need much to get the job done.

Not everyone benefits from CBD in the same way. However, countless individuals who have experienced positive results by utilizing CBD wax instead of CBD tinctures or CBD capsules.