Disposable Pens

When taking CBD, one of the fastest ways for it to get into your system is through inhalation. You can do this using our CBD disposable pens which are vaporizers shaped like pens for vaping CBD e-juice.

THC/CBD Concentrated Oil In Cartridge Closeup With Marijuana Herb & Glass Pipe On White CBD Consumption Forms

These disposable pens are vapes that have a battery and an atomizer. They’re pre-loaded with e-juice that contains cannabidiol. The pens are similar to cigalikes - small vape pens that resemble cigarettes.

It’s good to note that our disposables are made for a few hundreds of puffs before they get depleted.  

Practical and Convenient

Generally, our disposable pens are a practical and ideal alternative to CBD pods and cartridges. It’s because you don’t have to invest in purchasing batteries or a compatible pod system. 

These are often draw-activated, so it only creates vapor during puffs. The good thing about the pens is that there aren’t any extra buttons to confuse you.

Pros of Using Our Disposable Pens

Using our disposable pens is the most practical and efficient way to begin CBD vaping, especially when you’re a first-timer.

These don’t usually offer a lot of variety when it comes to CBD strength and flavor. However, it’s inexpensive and is extremely user-friendly. Since they’re pre-filled too, you don’t have to purchase any additional items like liquid for the pens.

Cannabis vapes are a highly popular item because of their convenience and discrete nature. They’re excellent for people on the go since you don’t need to roll any materials to use it. Some disposable pens have silicone caps where you can keep your favorite concentrate in.

For the best vape experience, nobody does it as we do. We make our disposable CBD pens using quality materials, and are third-party tested to ensure its efficiency.

What Are The Benefits of Vaping CBD?

There are tons of benefits when vaping CBD just like when you’re ingesting it orally. Yet the main reason for it is its bioavailability and quickness.

Though do note that there can be times when it’s difficult to take CBD into your bloodstream. With that, experiencing relief can take some time. Click on benefits of CBD to learn more

Fast Acting

Vaping is a safe alternative when you need a quick CBD fix. It’s common to feel relief within minutes when using disposable pens.

A lot of people who experience sudden acute symptoms claim to have successfully weaned themselves from classic pharmaceuticals. They simply utilize CBD by vaping to experience relief and positive effects.

Low Maintenance

Aside from being fast-acting, using disposable pens are low maintenance. If you’re a beginner, using a tricky vaping device can end up being intimidating, plus, it requires maintenance as well.

With electronic vaping, you’ll need to charge batteries, replace coils, then clean and refill cartridges regularly. With these pens, they’re ready to use right out of the box. Plus, you only need to occasionally charge them to use, then throw them out once you’ve finished the e-liquid.


These disposable pens for CBD are portable too. You can easily get your CBD doses no matter where you are. They’re pocket-friendly and discreet, allowing you to enjoy them anytime, anywhere.