CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are delicious and enjoyable treats you can take to consume your daily dose of quality CBD. It’s one of the ways to provide you with long-lasting effects once it’s absorbed in the body.

By ingesting CBD, your liver absorbs these, creating an extended release to allow CBD to stay longer in your system. Not only that, but these CBD edibles are an ideal solution to give you your daily CBD needs while on-the-go.

Gummies are the most popular CBD edibles today, yet you can also find these in the forms of cookies, chocolates, and more. 

Forms of CBD Edibles


Our CBD gummies are the most popular forms of edibles around. You won’t need any droppers for its dosage, making it the most convenient way to get CBD in your system. Plus, out of all the CBD edibles, gummies come in the most number of flavors to choose from.

Dried Fruit

Our CBD dried fruit is a natural hemp-derived CBD edible that’s infused into dried fruit. It’s a healthy alternative that promotes a sense of ease, calmness, and overall wellness.


The CBD capsules we have are pills with CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant. It’s easy to utilize and can readily offer more consistent doses than oil since it comes with pre-measured doses.

CBD Honey Sticks

Our CBD honey sticks are little tubes of honey that you can snack on during the day. They’re a pleasant and delicious way of getting your CBD needs quickly and conveniently.

It contains antioxidants that help get rid of pollen allergies. These CBD edibles are infused with adequate amounts of CBD and honey to give you immediate energy for the day.

Additionally, the presence of honey makes these sticks a great antibiotic and a natural cough syrup. With that, the CBD honey sticks make for an excellent superfood for your system.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles for Long-lasting Relief

Generally, CBD edibles come with several benefits compared to CBD smoking or vaping.

For CBD edibles to take effect, it specifically takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours. Yet despite this, its relief lasts longer compared to inhalation.

With edibles, the active compound is mixed with other food items. It means that the CBD is slowly released over longer periods as food is digested.

In fact, they can last between 2 to 4 hours longer, unlike inhaled CBD.

Easy and Simple to Dose

When inhaling CBD through vape pens or smoking, it can be tricky to determine how much CBD you’re getting.

Our CBD edibles come in pre-dosed servings that let you determine how much CBD you’ve consumed. It’ll also make it easier for you to know how much more you need to consume to reach the desired results.

Edibles are Discreet

Generally, some other forms of CBD can be impractical. Even the pocket vaporizers can get a bit large and aren't always convenient to bring out.

If you need pain relief during long trips or a boost on focus during workdays, you’ll greatly appreciate these edibles.  You only need to pop in a gummy or two in your mouth then get back to business.




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