Vapes & Smoke

We can’t deny that a lot of CBD products are popping up everywhere in the market. And as more companies appear in the market, the selection continues to expand rapidly. One of the most common products you'll find is vapes & smoke.

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Using CBD vapes & smoke is a highly effective way to get your CBD dose. Despite having tinctures as the traditional way of taking cannabidiol, some consider vapes & smoke as a more convenient method.

Does Vaping CBD Get You High?

CBD vapes & smokes won’t get you high unless you’re utilizing something that’s marijuana-based, containing THC. Most CBD that’s formulated for vaping is based on industrial hemp.

It contains extremely small amounts of THC, specifically less than 0.3%, which isn’t enough to give you a high. There are tons of THC-free CBD e-liquids if you’re concerned about failing drug tests.

Moreover, CBD vapes & smoke can moderate and manage the high that THC gives. It works by preventing your body from entirely breaking down the THC.


Why Choose CBD Vapes & Smoke?

Vaping CBD isn’t the only way to take your dose of CBD, but it’s one of the best methods. CBD vapes & smoke offer a couple of advantages and benefits compared to oral consumption of the classic CBD product.

A Safer and Better Alternative for Cigarettes

For those who smoke cigarettes, using CBD vapes & smoke is a worthy alternative. The FDA notes against explicitly labeling this as a safer alternative. However, vaping greatly exposes you to lesser toxic chemicals compared to cigarette smoking.


If you want to get a daily CBD dose in the quickest and most convenient way, vaping is key. It’s believed that vaping delivers CBD to the body much faster than other ways of consuming CBD .

When taken via pills or edibles, CBD takes time to get broken down then absorbed into your body.

Edibles that are CBD-based usually have an onset time of over 30 minutes. With vaping, it reacts immediately to your body. Plus, its CBD absorption level is 56%, a very high rate in the case of vaping.

This specific rate compares to 25 to 35% for sublingual products, then 4 to 20% in oral products. Increased bioavailability offers quick relief for a lot of people.

Relieves Sudden Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks or anxiety can come unexpectedly and in a snap. If you rely on vapes & smoke to bring your emotions down to a manageable level, it’s best to get CBD working immediately.

Vaping is the only way you can get quick results right at the moment, rather than waiting for it patiently.

Only Use Vapes & Smokes from Trusted Brands

Do note that vaping CBD from unknown sources can pose a risk to your health. Those who utilize low-quality CBD oil can become sensitive to its chemicals.

For the cheaper vaping devices, these can also become threatening to your health. Toxic metals such as chromium, lead, and nickel are present in these vapes. The metal can contaminate the vape oil during its heating process.

Always ensure that you’re purchasing legitimate vapes & smoke, and including your devices and accessories for it.