CBD Accessories

Lately, CBD’s been a growing trend all over the world. With that, it’s considered more than just for wellness, but as a lifestyle as well.

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CBD and hemp derivatives are moving forward to a large and extremely fast-paced industry. Hemp supplements infused with CBD provides the setting for non-classic forms of products like gummies, candy sticks, and the like.

Some other CBD forms require devices to help you discreetly consume and take advantage of these products.

Numerous CBD companies and brands are continuously expanding their range. They’re also looking into stocking various tools to aid you and others in consuming CBD products healthily.

Today, you can readily accessorize your CBD collection with a couple of our must-have CBD accessories and add ons. Using these will help you maximize and boost your CBD experience with such accessories.

Grinders to Break up Dry Herbs

Grinders are crucial accessories to break up dry flowers and herbs before vaping, making edibles, or smoking. Finer consistencies of herbs can be tightly set in vaporizer chambers or pipe bowls.

These increase its surface area to make heating  more even, resulting insmoother draws.

Unlike when using your hands, our grinders are made to shred dry herbs evenly to improve your overall experience.

Pipes for Inhalation of Concentrates and Dry Herbs

Pipes are among the more common accessories for smoking CBD. We have a collection of pipes for inhaling dried herbs, flowers, and concentrates.

From pipes, bubblers, and to dab rigs, you’ll find the perfect smoking accessory to get your CBD needs.


The best way to enjoy CBD is by having pipes of different shapes and sizes. The pipes work by lighting up freshly ground CBD herbs that’ll get loaded into the pipe bowl. Then, you’ll inhale the CBD smoke via the mouthpiece.

Water Pipes for Dry Herbs

Water pipes or bongs/bubblers are pipes where you use water to filter and cool smoke before inhaling. Doing this provides you with smoother and cooler hits.

These smoking accessories feature chambers that can easily be filled with water.

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Cleaning Accessories

We also have cleaning accessories for your CBD pipes, dab rigs, and more. These accessories help keep things clean enough to boost the flavor and performance of your tools.

Whether you’re a casual user or not, regularly cleaning your vaping/dabbing devices will lead to better experiences.



Storing your herbal extracts and dry herbs is vital when it comes to preserving its flavor and potency. We offer top-quality storage options for you. This will guarantee that you get all your money’s worth with your top extracts and herbs.

It’s true that dry herbs smell, taste, and smoke are better when they’re kept fresh and not dried out. With that, you can take advantage of our storage solutions for cured dried herbs.

To better preserve your dried CBD flower, you’d want a storage container that can secure it from air and light. These elements can both dry out your herbs immediately and can degrade the active compounds in them.