CBD Consumption Forms

When it comes to using CBD, you can opt for many CBD consumption forms. Among these processes is oral consumption by taking products like edibles, smoking, inhalation, or sublingual tincture consumption.

Each of these CBD products has its own benefits. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what your preferences and needs are.

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The Different Types of CBD

The compound comes in different types and various CBD consumption forms. Each CBD item that’s available on the market is produced by using either CBD extracts, an isolate, or a combination. These types of CBD products are usually sold on their own.

It’s good to know and understand these kinds of CBD forms. Doing so will be helpful before you jump into the world of CBD-based products.

Now, let’s take a look at the three different types of CBD:

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Broad-Spectrum CBD

Another CBD type is the broad-spectrum CBD. These are types of products that do not have traces of THC. You can consider it as the middle child of the three options.

This type is created using the same process as full-spectrum CBD, where all the plants’ parts are taken. What makes the broad-spectrum CBD different from the full-spectrum is the process after extraction. After this step, THC compounds are separated and completely eliminated.

Despite its extraction, you will still have a wide range of cannabinoids present in the CBD product.

Some people find themselves in situations where THC cannot enter their system. With that, broad-spectrum CBD products are slowly becoming the most valued and popular forms of CBD.

In fact, high-quality broad-spectrum products won’t have any traces of THC. Yet despite that, the products still provide you with a complete cannabinoid profile.

These will include CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDV, and other potential cannabinoids. With this formulation, you can still maintain and take advantage of the entourage effect.

If you’re looking to get all the benefits of CBD without any psychotropic components, broad-spectrum CBD is the best.

Full-Spectrum CBD

Let’s begin with the full-spectrum CBD, which is derived from the entire hemp plant. This means that the stems, roots, flowers, and its leaves are pulverized, pressed, or power-washed to extract the plant’s oil.

Going through this will leave you with a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD, THC, and CBG. You’ll also find terpenes and phytochemicals such as chlorophyll and other organic compounds.

This will result in CBD products that may contain small traces of THC.

Aside from the previously mentioned compounds, there may be over 200 more of these in a full-spectrum CBD product. A lot of these are currently being researched for their own benefits.

All the cannabinoids, including THC, function symbiotically to establish an entourage effect when utilized. It means that the best results are acquired when all the cannabinoids are present in the CBD product.

To put it simply, full-spectrum CBD has all the cannabinoids that are naturally present in the cannabis plant. That includes THC.

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CBD Isolate

Before we look into the different CBD consumption forms available, let’s check out the last type of CBD. This is the CBD isolate and it’s exactly as it sounds, pure isolated CBD.

When we say pure cannabidiol, it doesn’t contain any other compounds found in the plant except for CBD.

It’s a translucent substance that comes in the form of a slab or white powder that contains 99% + of potency. Many people find comfort in these isolates since they don’t contain THC, thus, aiding in mitigating drug test risks.

The Different CBD Consumption Forms

There are different CBD consumption forms available for you to benefit from. These range from different types of products that cater to your preferences and needs. Let’s first look at the CBD oil.


CBD oil is infused with CBD compounds and has become popular due to being easy to take. Plus, this type of CBD product is easily absorbed into our body, giving you immediate positive effects.

It’s usually placed under your tongue via dropper. They’re perfect for people who avoid taking pills but want to try CBD.

CBD oil is one of the most popular CBD consumption forms available.

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CBD tinctures are an oil-carried type of CBD product consumed sublingually by dropping the liquid under your tongue. This product usually comes in little bottles with a dropper.

Components of CBD Tinctures

CBD tincture come with several components:

This base gives the tinctures it’s medicinal properties by giving phytocannabinoid and terpene profiles of the tincture. Extract bases often include a full-pspectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, plus other plant materials.

For isolates, these will offer single-molecular CBD content.

The carrier oil in tinctures combine with the help of isolates or extracts. This mix is necessary to balance its potency while delivering CBD and other molecules to your body.

Carrier oil often includes MCT or hemp oil. These help CBD get absorbed into the stomach walls and membranes in your mouth.

Some of the less common types of carriers include vegetable glycerin and alcohol.

Aside from CBD isolate base and carrier oils, there are other additives present in tinctures. These may be added for different reasons.

Some of the more common additives include flavoring or sweeteners for people who dislike the grassy flavor of CBD. Additionally, these can be utilized to provide extra health benefits, like in the case of terpenes or oil.

How Effective Are Oil-Based CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are consumed sublingually and are placed directly under your tongue. It should be held there for about 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing.

The molecules present in the oil are readily absorbed into your bloodstream through the mucous membranes under your tongue. It will make it a fast-acting CBD product with just a slightly shorter duration compared to swallowing pills or capsules.

Sublingual intake has a regular onset time of about 20 to 40 minutes before you feel its effects. Its effects can last up to 6 hours after use.

Compared to oil-based CBD capsules, tinctures are an excellent CBD alternative.


Another CBD consumption form that has become a consumer favorite are the CBD gummies. These are CBD sweets that come in small and convenient forms.

CBD edibles are excellent for people who want a fun and delicious twist on taking CBD. These products are made by infusing an isolate or extract in various food products.

The most common forms of CBD edibles include gummies, honey sticks, fruit, and a lot more.

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Benefits of CBD Edibles

The primary benefit of CBD in edible form is its convenience and ease of use. Simply pop it into your mouth to get your dose of CBD while masking its earthy taste.

Only a few people will have issues taking this CBD consumption form. It also means that anyone can readily try CBD without hesitation since they come in delicious tasty forms.

This is the reason why we offer our high-quality edibles for everyone to have. They’re enjoyable, taste great, and you’ll get your dose of CBD for the day.

Another benefit of having this type of CBD is that you won’t require any equipment to take it. Once you’ve gotten your hands on your choice of edibles, just dig in!

No more bongs, dabs, lighters, dab rigs, and other equipment.

The Most Common Types of CBD Edibles To Choose From

Each category of CBD edibles have a ton of subcategories, as well as options to go for. There aren’t any significant differences between the delivery efficiencies of the varying types of edibles. So, opting for one is primarily a matter of taste, preference, and availability.

Gummies are probably one of the most popular CBD consumption forms around. These have different shapes, plus they taste great and have quite a long shelf-life.

This is all thanks to the gelatinous structure of the edible that helps protect the CBD content from oxygen.

Hard candies are another great option and will take a bit longer to consume since they aren’t chewable.

This is a category containing several subcategories including mint and other flavors.

Baked goods are the most classic versions of edible CBD and have been utilized for delivering THC. These are also a favorite DIY option since hard candies and gummies are challenging to produce.

You can easily and readily use one of the many CBD consumption forms in your baking recipes.

Sports bars are also growing popular. It’s because they’re a great way to incorporate CBD’s benefits to your post-workout regimen.

This is self-explanatory, especially when you love chocolates and want to take CBD too.

CBD chocolates are great since the doses are based on each chocolate square. A standard chocolate bar usually contains about 250mg of CBD while having 10mg in each of its squares.

Another CBD category with many subcategories and options is the CBD beverages.

You can find CBD-infused lattes, tea, and even plain bottled water. Plus, there are also CBD-infused alcoholic drinks that blend nicely with the relaxing effects of alcohol.

Effectiveness of CBD Edibles

With the all-natural contents of CBD edibles, it spans a wide range of benefits and effectiveness for your well-being.

Though keep in mind that the effects of CBD may take some time before you feel it. Here are a couple of factors that cause it:

Research shows that eating CBD leads it to the ”first pass effect”. During this stage, CBD is broken down partially by your digestive tract and liver. The process decreases the concentration.

It only means that CBD can take about two hours to take effect. Then, you’ll absorb around 20 to 30% of it.

The CBD edibles that contain oil and fat helps the compound enter your bloodstream better. These allow it to get fully and efficiently absorbed.

Usually, these types of products are made using CBD isolates. These lack the entourage effect’s benefits of those high-quality full-spectrum extracts.

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Capsules and Pills

The most common CBD consumption forms present today are capsules and softgels. They’re also becoming more popular among users since these allow easier and smoother integration of CBD into your daily routine.

Generally, CBD softgels and capsules are utilized for systemic treatment of concerns such as seizure disorders and digestive issues.

Difference between Capsules and Softgels

Although capsules and softgels are the most known CBD consumption forms, they have their own set of differences when used.

These come in various forms but they usually have the same content. They only vary in the dosage, as well as in the presence of THC. Some of these are entirely free from THC, while others contain low traces of it, including other cannabinoids.

These CBD consumption forms are pretty similar in content as well since they both have CBD oil. The primary difference between them is their external covering.

CBD capsules have a firm outer covering that’s somewhat film-like. Softgels, on the other hand, have outer coverings that are gelatin-based.

No matter what you choose, both of these are safe to ingest orally. However, do note that softgels are easier to absorb since they sport a soft and gelatinous structure.

CBD pills or soft gels have a number of health benefits, and these are claims of frequent users. However, the statements have yet to be evaluated by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration.

Benefits of Using CBD Capsules and Softgels

Here are some of the most usual benefits of opting for these types of CBD consumption forms:

You’ll Get Accurate Dosing without the Trouble

What’s great about CBD capsules or softgels is that it removes any challenges and issues of guessing the right dosage.

Since each capsule contains adequate sets of CBD, you’re never clueless about how much CBD you’re having.

Aside from this, it’s easy to take while being discreet about it, it has no earthy taste, and comes with long-lasting effects.

How Effective Are CBD Capsules & Softgels?

When you take CBD orally, the content goes through your liver which decreases the product’s concentration. Only a small amount makes it through your bloodstream that’ll then be utilized by your body.

This concept is referred to as bioavailability. It’s the measure of how quickly and how much a substance is absorbed into your body for use.

Orally taking oil-based capsules is one of the least bioavailable ways to take CBD. It means that a little amount of the compound reaches the bloodstream compared to the other ways of consumption.

With that, the recommended dosage will increase for capsules when compared to more effective ways of taking CBD. These are through sublingual tincture or by using water-soluble products.

Vapes and Smoke

One of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD is by inhaling vaporized CBD. Out of all the ways of taking CBD, inhaling has the quickest effect. It’s all because of the increased bioavailability of taking in the molecules.

Vaping CBD sends it directly to your bloodstream, allowing it to get absorbed really quickly. Its effects will be felt faster compared to the other possible methods.  In about 10 minutes or less, your body will absorb 34 to 56% of the CBD.

Different Types of CBD Vape Products

Vaping CBD is like your standard way of vaping. The CBD consumption form is vaporized using vape pens, mods, or it’s taken via inhalation. You can find different CBD vape products available today which include the following:

Disposable CBD vape pens are some of the easiest ways for you to start vaping CBD.

These pens are prefilled with quality CBD vape oil. There are all-in-one units on the market, and these feature a built-in battery directly attached to a clearomizer or atomizer.

Using it is simple: just vape until the tank goes empty, then dispose of the pen and you’re done.

Pods are little cartridges that you slip into a flat device that is similar to a standard USB drive. These CBD pods do not contain any physical plant material, but they have a liquid substance full of CBD. These are also infused with terpenes, as well as other substances present in CBD oil and hemp plants.

The pods have a ton of different flavors. Plus, lots of brands are becoming crafty when coming up with new awesome flavors.

They made these CBD pods for one-time use, making them extremely user-friendly and convenient. There are some who prefer CBD pods than CBD vape pens. This is because pods are light and are not troublesome.

With CBD pods, you don’t need to bother with oils while focusing on refilling compartments.

An average pod will give you around 200 puffs. With that, it’ll last you about the same time as you smoke a cigarette pack.

On average, one CBD pod will give you about 200 puffs. So, it’ll last you about the same amount of time as a pack of cigarettes.

Vape cartridges are pre-filled with CBD extracts, thinning agent mixes, or distillates. You only need to screw its cartridge to the end of the battery to start vaping. It’s as easy as that.

Commonly, the cartridges utilize a standard 520-thread which is compatible  with your usual pen-style batteries. There are refillable and disposable types available, so simply choose the ones that are most convenient to you.

Smoking hemp flowers is one of the fastest-growing trends in the world of CBD. The flowers come from female hemp plants with strains that have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC.

To put it simply, these hemp flowers are rich in CBD. To vape hemp flowers, you can do this via dry-herb vaporizer.

CBD vape oil is also called e-juice or vape juice. It’s the liquid to be heated, turned into vapor which will be inhaled when vaping. Note that the liquid is sold on its own, and is commonly kept in a tincture dropper or squeeze bottle.

The primary benefit of using CBD e-liquid is that using it to vape has the highest bioavailability. This process is compared to the other CBD consumption forms and methods available.

Benefits of CBD Vapes and Smoke

Vaping and smoking CBD have many benefits. This is why it’s also one of the most used CBD consumption forms.

Once you inhale the vapor of CBD, it’ll pass through your lungs then enter your bloodstream. It’s a much faster process compared to digestion through your stomach.

Since vaping only produces vapor, you won’t find any traces of harmful chemicals that’ll cause damages to your body. Plus, it’s clean and pure, so you can fully enjoy your CBD vapes without worrying about getting high.

CBD vapes come in different shapes and sizes like battery-powered pens that you can easily slip into your pocket. Once you take a drag, its vapor disappears immediately, leaving no lingering smell that could annoy others within your vicinity.

Safety of CBD Vaping

Do note that a few individuals feel some side effects when using CBD while also feeling the positive ones. It means that it’s vital to proceed with caution when dosing for CBD vapes, just to be safe and sure.

So if you choose vaping as your CBD consumption form, avoid using vape cartridges made of thinning agents. It’s also best to avoid those made from carriers like MCT, vegetable glycerin, or propylene glycol.

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Which Type of CBD Is Right for You?

Lots of people are looking for a healthy boost via CBD, yet are worried about the psychoactive effects of  THC. If you’re like these people, opt for the broad-spectrum CBD.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind the traces of THC, full-spectrum CBD is your best choice. Despite the presence of this compound, full-spectrum can let you enjoy more benefits out of the product.

To get pure and raw CBD without any other contents, it’s best to choose the CBD isolates.

When it comes to the CBD consumption forms, there are many choices available. Vapes and smoke are best for quick effects. Oil and tinctures are other options to immediately experience the effects of CBD.

If you want to enjoy food and the benefits of cannabidiol at the same time, go for edibles.

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