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CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are considered to be the simplest and the most popular way of consuming CBD.  

They can come in many different forms, such as CBD gummies, CBD honey sticks, CBD chocolate, even dried fruit such as mango and prunes can be infused with CBD.  

CBD infused edibles can be a great way of enjoying a healthy snack, while also receiving all the health benefits of CBD without getting high.  According to feedback from people who consume CBD edibles, many say that they are great to take before bed for deeper relaxation or for pain relief.

Although the effects of CBD edibles take a longer time to kick in than CBD vaping or smoking, their benefits are stronger and last longer.  Consuming CBD gummies or cookies can take longer to kick in since they are absorbed in the digestive system.  Candy or gum can take a shorter time because they are absorbed through saliva.  

Use CBD to improve your sleep and wake up with better focus and concentration.

Manage your blood pressure by lowering your stress levels with CBD for a healthy heart

Lower your cortisol levels with CBD and prevent leaky gut for better digestion.

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Another form of CBD is simply, CBD oil.  It is extracted from the cannabis plant and diluted with a carrier oil.  Usually, a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil is used for the purpose of diluting CBD oil.  Although we do not make any claims, it is widely known that CBD oil can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and even reduce anxiety and depression due to its calming effects.

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CBD For Pets

Not only is CBD beneficial to humans, but it is also used for treatment of pets. carries products containing CBD for pets.   CBD for cats is commonly administered through CBD oil, and it can help them with anxiety during travel, moving, or getting accustomed to new people.  

The same goes for CBD for dogs.  Not only is it great for anxiety that dogs often have, but it can also help relieve pain, stimulate their appetite, reduce inflammation and in some cases, even fight cancer.  CBD oil is the best way to go because it usually comes with a dropper to easily measure the amount of CBD you want to give to your pet.  Another way to administer CBD for pets is by simply mixing CBD oil with another oil such as coconut and rubbing it directly on their skin or even dabbing it on their paws so they could lick the oil off.  It is important to mention that if your pets are on any kind of medication, it is best to consult their veterinarian before using CBD for pets. 

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CBD For Pets

Treat your furry companion with our quality CBD for pets!

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CBD Vape

CBD Vape is another form of consuming CBD which can be beneficial in reducing anxiety, depression and give the consumer an overall relaxation effect.  CBD vape can be a great alternative to smoking because it is usually odorless, convenient, and simple to use indoors or outdoors.  However, CBD vaping is still a relatively new practice, therefore, there haven’t been many studies done on vaping benefits or risks. It’s important to be responsible and precautious with CBD vape, especially if you have any pre-existing lung or other medical conditions.  

CBD Flower

Smoking a CBD flower can provide many benefits such as reduce anxiety, pain, inflammation, and even seizures and nausea.  Although CBD does not get you high, smoking CBD flower can help speed up the absorption in your bloodstream.  Smoking a CBD flower can also serve as an alternative to smoking tobacco, especially if you are trying to quit.  It is known to decrease withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and irritability, while still providing the relaxation you are looking for.  

CBD Benefits

As it is becoming more and more popular in the world today, it is not a secret that there are many CBD benefits that help people on a daily basis.  We do not make direct claims, but from experiences of other people that consume CBD products, it is known to reduce anxiety, depression, joint pain, chronic pain, aid in seizure attacks, promote relaxation and clarity.  As more and more research is being done on CBD benefits, it is even known to be used in treating cancer, PTSD, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

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How Does CBD Work

While reading about all the benefits of CBD, you may be wondering how does CBD work

First, CBD is short for ‘cannabidiol’ which is a substance found in cannabis plants.  There are two known forms of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants.  One form is THC and the other CBD. Unlike THC, CBD does not actually get you high while still promoting relaxation, pain relief and better mood.  How does CBD work in the human body?  The human body contains what is called the ‘endocannabinoid’ system, which is still a new discovery and researchers say that it can impact major activities in the body such as appetite, memory, mood, and sleep.   This system contains enzymes, receptors, and actual endocannabinoids, which function in every human body regardless of a person consuming CBD or not.  One of the receptors in this system is called TRPV1, which is tied to inflammation and pain in the body.  By using CBD, this receptor can be influenced in such a way that the pain signals are blocked from the rest of the body, which then provides relief from pain, aches, and other discomforts.  


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Ways to Consume CBD

There are many ways to consume CBD.  

CBD consumption forms can vary from CBD oil to CBD edibles, CBD honey sticks, CBD chocolate covered almonds and other CBD infused dried fruit.  The possibilities are endless. Some people prefer to smoke a CBD flower while others like the CBD vape.  Whichever you prefer, you can rest assured that you are getting all the amazing benefits of CBD in your body and can experience better relaxation, a lifted mood as well as pain relief. 

According to FDA, it is important not to consume any form of CBD together with alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that slows down brain activity as this can lead to drowsiness or even sedation.  If you take anxiety, panic attack, sleep disorder or stress medication, make sure you do not mix it with CBD. 

Is It Legal to Buy or Use CBD?

As it becomes more and more popular, people tend to ask: is CBD legal

The short answer is yes, it is legal to buy or use CBD, however, CBD consumption is still a grey area. It is currently legal in the United States at the federal level as long as it does not contain more than 0.3% THC.  However, at the state level, not all states fully approve the production and sale of CBD products, so it’s important to check the laws and regulations in your own state to make sure you are following the rules.  

 The FDA is now evaluating the safety of CBD in certain food products, which causes CBD companies to be creative with their labeling since claiming a CBD product as a food or dietary supplement is not legal.  

 If you are traveling outside of the United States, it is recommended to do your research and make sure you aren’t bringing CBD with you if it’s not legal in a specific country or area you are visiting.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Before you read the FAQs about CBD, we would like to mention that does not make any claims whatsoever about the effectiveness or benefits of CBD.  All of the information on our website, including the FAQs is for your information only and should not be used as expert or medical advice.  Always seek professional medical counsel for yourself if you have specific medical questions or are seeking specific, in depth information on the use of CBD.


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